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It seems these days that relying on logic and facts to do business is not quite enough to paint a complete picture. Business persons who default to the right-brained, intuitive sensibility are becoming more prevalent, so much that products and business processes are being adapted to meet their needs. One such invention is called Prezi, the newest presentation generator created by Adam Somlai-Fischer and Peter Halacsy in 2007. This platform allows presenters to create a free-flowing, organic form of presentation that is more interactive than a typical linear slideshow. You begin with a canvas in which to write ideas, post pictures and videos, or create timelines. The play arrow allows the presenter to advance from one idea to the next by zooming in and out, sliding forward or backward, or by animating the image or words. Moreover, one can click into the canvas at any point to emphasis an image or return to an idea.

Several reviews have been written about Prezi from different standpoints, the business model standpoint being from the Harvard Business Review and the technology standpoint being from the New York Times. In addition to these, from a marketing standpoint, Prezi has significantly changed the face of typical idea-sharing. The interface allows the presenter to engage the audience with an interactive story instead of simply clicking and advancing from one thought to the next. The organic platform lends itself to being more visual in nature; therefore it has more appeal and retains attention longer. Prezi creators took into account the new creative “big picture” mindset of professionals, stating that they learn from culture first, and then react by using technology. Overall, this program is well worth the fee if any business professional wishes to set their ideas apart from the crowd in the newest, most creative way.


I’ve watched my share of TED Talks, and I’m always amazed by the consistent quality of the presentations. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a dud. This may explain why…The TED Commandments.

At 2008’s The Market Research Event, the market research community was treated to a conference that entered the world of Web 2.0 and live blogging. Not to toot our own horn too much, but W5 presented and was blogged about. Apparently the blog post about our Design Driven Deliverables presentation was the top post of the year.