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More and more often developers are skipping the PC when designing consumer applications. The latest example is Google’s new Flipboard competitor: Google Currents. Like Flipboard, the application is designed to make a tablet or mobile magazine reading experience better and more interactive. The one interesting wrinkle is that it’s also set up to import your Google reader feeds, taking that content and making it beautiful.  It’s good enough that it makes me want to read the content on my phone instead of on my laptop.

Also this week, Twitter released a new version this week.  The trick to get the new look and functionality? You had to download it to your Android or iPhone first.


Just before the holidays, BERG and Bonnier R&D published articles and a great demonstration video on a new concept for electronic magazines. It seems this concept could be easily applied in both the e-reader and tablet format in the very near future, offering smarter design and a better reader/user experience than currently offered by online magazines.

Sports Illustrated and Wired also proposed e-magazine concepts recently, but the BERG/Bonnier concept seems to take a best of both worlds approach and suggests ways in which this approach can be easily adopted. The interactive control features and the modern take on presentation of content really add to the reader’s experience – hinting at engagement beyond mere push-button page flipping, pdf scrolling, zooming, and flash animation.

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Main+Newstand+2.A couple of links from mid-May highlighting creative formats for print magazines.  Both articles are by Andrew Losowsky for the WSJ. Subscription to periodicals is still fun – I expect that if the content sings, there’s probably a base of creative class readers out there.  Maybe some spark of the creative new ideas here will catch fire:

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