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Halloween in Chapel Hill has historically drawn huge crowds, sexy costumes, and drunken debauchery to Franklin Street. In 2007, nearly 80,000 people showed up to partake in the festivities. However, due to fears of crime, alcohol poising and gang-related violence, that number declined last year to 35,000. From the look of things, falling numbers threaten the Chapel Hill Halloween tradition again this year.

The number of bodies on Franklin Street is not the only thing declining. According to MPR, Americans are expected to spend 15% less on Halloween than last year due to the poor economy. Downscaling makes sense given that Halloween is only one day out of the whole year, but for a Chapel Hill-ian of four years and true Halloween enthusiast, any further downsizing would be an absolute atrocity.

So put on your best vampire and dead celebrity costumes and come out to Franklin Street on October 31st. Don’t let the tradition of Halloween go down with the economy.