If you’ve ever designed a PowerPoint presentation or business development tools of any sort you have encountered image powerhouse, Getty Images. And if you are familiar with Getty Images’ Web site, you know there are AMPLE images from which to choose. So many, in fact, that a simple task of finding a man eating an apple can turn into an overwhelming quest for a man with just the right smile-not too flashy, not too teethy-poised to bite into a crisp apple with a pinkish reddish blush (yes, you can be THAT specific with Getty Images).

So hats off to AlmapBBDO, the Brazil-based leg of BBDO charged with illustrating the diversity of Getty’s digital photo archive. Project managers included copywriter Sophie Schoenburg and art director Marcus Kotlhar, who together devoted a total of six months to researching and handpicking images from the archive to illustrate the image bank’s visual narrative building capabilities. The result? A video montage that utilizes 873 still shots to illustrate the narrative arc of life itself including life, love, birth, death, and the hope of happiness. With a nuanced almost symphonic flow, I think AlmapBBDO successfully illustrates Getty’s power to form and feed narratives of all shapes, sizes, and subjects.

What do you think?