I’m not normally one to fly outside of coach, but I may have to change that if I fly Virgin Atlantic. Along with a new and improved bar for the Upper Class passengers, Virgin Atlantic is now offering these passengers a drink with the CEO himself. How is this possible? Sir Richard Branson’s head will be floating in their drinks.

Upper Class passengers are being served very special ice in the shape of Branson’s head. The new cube was created over six weeks by four designers using detailed photographic techniques and laser scanning technology. An interesting use of this technology, but if you’re going to do something big, might as well do it right.

Luke Miles, head of design for Virgin Atlantic Upper Class says, “We’re delighted to be able to offer our Upper Class passengers access to the newest, longest bar in the sky, and what better way to celebrate this than giving passengers the opportunity to share a drink with the face of our business?”  Though it’s an odd way to go about it, Virgin Atlantic will definitely be remembered. Though I find it somewhat creepy, I had to add a picture.