Though I am not the girliest girl out there, I love the color pink. I even have a pair of pink flip flops. Sadly, my world was rocked today when I stumbled upon an article titled “Does the Color Pink Exist?” on Upon further exploration, I found that there is a war happening on the color pink. According to Robert Krulwich, a co-host on NPR’s Radiolab, pink does not exist. In the below video, he brings up our old friend ROYGBIV and how Red and Violet are nowhere close to each other on the scale and never meet. However, these are the colors that make up pink. As he says in his blog post “Because pink happens when the red and violet sides get together, but they don’t get together — which makes pink an act of wishful thinking, or, to put it bluntly — pink is a made up color.”

But not all people agree. Michael Moyer wrote a blog for Scientific American in which he agrees with Krulwich that there is no single wavelength that appears pink and that pink is not “out there” but he agrees for different reasons. He brings up the point that no color is really “out there” because color is all in your brain. Referring to the biologist Timothy H. Goldsmith’s article “What Birds See”, Moyer quotes, “Color is not actually a property of light or of objects that reflect light. It is a sensation that arises within the brain.” Therefore, pink may or may not be real, but if that’s the case all other colors are or are not real.

Interesting perspectives from both parties but I’m going to stick with the fact that I love pink and that’s that. Whether it’s a figment of my imagination or just the way our brains work or both, as long as I get my pink flip flops, I’m a happy camper.