Since the launch of YouTube in 2005, the site has become popular for anyone to achieve their five minutes of fame.  However, some people have found their fame has lasted longer than five minutes and have become “YouTubers”.  One facet of the YouTube that has recently become very popular is the beauty and fashion community.  Girls (and guys) will upload videos of themselves reviewing makeup products, showing tutorials of how to achieve a certain look, or hauling what they have recently purchased at Sephora or other beauty stores.  Although their are various age ranges of women to follow, you will find that among the popular gurus (JuicyStar07, Michele1218,, etc.) they all have cult followings in the form of their subscribers who take what these gurus think about makeup and fashion very seriously.

However, in the previous year the FTC passed a new regulation where if any of these bloggers or “YouTubers” received a product for free, are being paid to post a link in their information box, or are being compensated for the video, they must include a disclaimer either in the video or in their information.  Part of the appeal of the beauty community is that one becomes attached to these bloggers and trusts their opinions as friends.  After the FTC regulation, viewers are more aware of what items these “YouTubers” were getting for free and making money off of.  Subscribers felt they were being violated because they were simply being fed advertisements from people’s viewpoints that they used to value.

So, in this industry, is advertising through this channel effective or just a waste of time?  I believe that it’s an amazing way to get word of a product or line out there that otherwise wouldn’t become mainstream.  These women will review products before they are released that they love and they products will fly off the shelves.  For instance, Revlon Lip Butters were recommended in the below YouTube video. They became the “it” product before they even launched, and if you were to enter a drugstore today, it would be hard to get your hands on any of the colors let alone the most sought after.  Advertising through YouTube is a great way to get a product or line noticed and discovered, that otherwise might have been lost in the ever-expanding beauty market.