If you haven’t heard, AMC’s Mad Men will be returning in March. And with that triumphant and highly anticipated return will come many marketing opportunities for media outlets and consumer brands. Before it’s extended hiatus, the series had sparked a new wave of midcentury interior design trends and a specialty clothing line at a national outfitter. These retro fads grew to a crescendo just as the series dropped off the TV screen and out of fans and consumers lives. But never fear, Newsweek is aiming to get audiences revved up for the new season. The news magazine will celebrate the season 5 premiere with a Mad Men-inspired issue.

According to Tina Brown, editor of Newsweek and The Daily Beast, the magazine’s structure and design will pay homage to 1960s America but its content will remain culturally relevant, including a cover story on the series and a feature on the role of advertising in America’s culture. In addition, Newsweek has issued a call to clients and creative agencies for ’60s-inspired creative that has the look and feel of a vintage print ad but contains modern products and messages.

We’ll have to wait ’til March to see the final print product and for the season premiere of the show but until then we can dream about the output. What type of products or creative would you like to see in the Mad Men-inspired issue of <i.Newsweek? Which agencies or clients do you think will or should contribute to the issue?