Hans Rosling, a proclaimed data visionary, has made global health interesting and entertaining for years. In 2006, he gave an incredible presentation at the annual TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference which has changed the way people think about the previously mundane topic. Not only did he debunk myths about the health conditions, he showed the data in such a way that everyone was captivated.

However, he is still working with this data and making beautiful presentations. He is using technology called Gapminder, a non-profit he founded with his son and daughter in law. He has gathered over 200 years of publicly-funded data which, prior to Gapminder, was not actually available to the public.  Because of this, not only is he a visualization mastermind but also a data advocate working with the UN, banks all over the world, and specific countries to bring information together.

Check out the videos posted below and go to www.Gapminder.com to play around with some interesting stats!