Twitter, Facebook, Craigslist, and Google. Sometimes they play the angel and other times, they are accused of being the feared enemy. This time ’round, Google and Craigslist are donning golden halos and feathery wings. Yes indeed. They are the Big Apple’s newest people’s advocate.

If you’ve ever embarked upon that daunting search for a new place to hang your hat and lay your head (otherwise known as an apartment or rental home), then you understand how integral a good landlord is to your domestic happiness. Well, if you live in New York City, Craigslist and Google have taken the guess work out of avoiding lousy landlords. Recently, a link on NYC’s Craigslist rental postings page exposed 50 landlords of shameful notoriety. The posting, titled “NYC’s Worst Landlord’s Watchlist” exposed the badly behaving landlord’s dirty laundry, listing how many units are owned, total infractions, and type of housing violations for each landlord listed.

According to this article, the posting is connected to public advocate Bill de Blasio who wants “a more aggressive and creative” approach to keeping landlords in line and the housing market accountable. Perhaps de Blasio could use some help from this former fair housing advocate? To check out the link on the posting click here. And a big thanks to Google and Craigslist for getting on board and helping to spread the word!