I read in today’s New York Times that people are now up in arms over artificial coloring. It’s now being linked as yet another cause for childhood hyperactivity. Some mothers are complaining, blaming large CPG manufacturers for what they feed, or don’t feed, their kids. I thought it was the sugar that goes along with artificially colored food that these moms allow kids to pump into themselves. I guess that’s too simple an explanation.

I’m all for natural, and spend lots of free time roaming aisles of organic food stores.  And I’m glad that people are finally deciding to eat better. But why is this all of a sudden a front page revelation? I mean, didn’t the moms of today’s parents tell them this stuff years ago?

Before my feet could touch the kitchen floor, when seated for a family meal, my mom (God rest her lovin’ soul) taught me the following regarding food:

  1. When grocery shopping  make sure most of the food you buy is from the perimeter of the store: produce, meats, dairy and bakery sections.
  2. The darker the bread, the better.
  3. A little fat never killed anyone, with an emphasis on little.
  4. Get to know the butcher’s first name, you’ll get a better cut.
  5. Don’t eat too much red meat, instead eat more fish.
  6. Young kids should drink whole milk.
  7. No one should drink diet anything. No one should eat artifical sweeteners, ever.
  8. Take the time to cook dinner, not prepare something made by someone else. If you don’t have  time, make a peanut butter sandwich and drink a glass of milk. If you have a little more time, boil pasta and heat some bottled sauce. Add good cheese to make it yummy.
  9. For mac & cheese, stick to Kraft. For corn flakes, stick to Kellogg’s–everything else will be a let down.
  10. If you eat like this, you can have a little fun with whatever else you may want to eat. Don’t be so uptight.
    …and, as we kids would say to each other “don’t eat blue food, it’s not food!”

Time for lunch!