This weekend was the Body, Mind and Spirit Expo in Raleigh. Cheryl Throwe was a guest speaker who spoke on Meditation 101. She told the story of when she was first learned to meditate when she was a little girl. Growing up in Morocco, her family had a gardener. Each afternoon the gardener would disappear for about an hour. A curious little girl, one day she said the gardener, “where do you go each afternoon?” The gardener replied, “I go to sit in silence and be still.” A concept quite foreign to a young child;. Yet, curious as she was she asked the gardener “why do you do that?” The gardener took a large, round, beautiful Moroccan tray with colors and shapes of all sorts and handed it to her. In the very center of this elaborate tray was a tiny black dot. The gardener said, “when you look at this tray and the only thing you see is the black dot, then you will understand why I do what I do each afternoon.” Determined, each day she took her tray out to the garden and stared at the tiny black dot. Day after day, month after month until finally, one day she saw only the black dot and nothing else. Once she had experienced that moment of clarity, she then understood why the gardener did what he did each afternoon.

They say when you meditate your left brain and right brain unite to become one, enabling you to reach a state of clarity so that you may listen to your inner self. If you have never tired to meditate before you should. You never know what’s going on inside unless you take a moment and listen.