It’s that time of year when the bitter mid-winter chill and moody gray skies inspire us to clock in more time on our couches than outdoors. Inevitably, this frees up some mental space for absorbing media-a few good books, some quality television, even a few blog posts. When in the “couch zone” you may feel like a sponge, soaking up the warmth of a cozy blanket along with the plot lines and characters streaming across your screen. But have you ever stopped to think that what you choose to absorb might actually say a lot about who you are as a person? Or more specifically, what type of consumer you are? Could your DVR or Tivo reveal insights into your personality?

Marketers and advertising agencies certainly think so. A recent study by psychographic ad targeter, Mindset Media, outlines their “consumption personality predictor” theory. The agency analyzed self-reported data from about 25,000 TV viewers across more than 70 TV shows to find out what personalities are attracted to what shows. The results revealed some strikingly similar personality traits among a show’s viewers. For example, if you’re a fan of AMC’s Mad Men, you’re a creative type. Love Family Guy? You’re likely to be a rule-breaker or a rebel. Are you a Gleek? According to Mindset Media, you’re very open to new experiences and are now classified as a so-called “experientialist.” (For a more in-depth analysis of personalities by TV shows click here.)

But are people’s media consumption choices clear indicators of their personality? More often than not, our personalities are unpredictable, consisting of multiple angles and hidden motivations. A person who tunes into WWEs RAW may also tune into PBS Masterpiece, resulting in a conflicted “consumption personality predictor” forecast. But a good research analyst knows that simplifying someone’s mindset is diving into dangerous territory. Still, this new psychographic predictor trend appears to be gaining momentum among advertisers who often approach the study with enough caveats to remain wary but enough fortitude to push forward. Mindset Media plans to continue analyzing consumers TV personalities in 2011, so if your favorite show was neglected (Big Love anyone?), then maybe you’ll get diagnosed next time ’round.