Hillary Bressler, CEO of .Com Marketing, an interactive marketing and advertising agency recently released “11 Internet Marketing Trends for 2011”. Needless to say, Smartphones and social media topped the list. Bressler uses her list to address the rising importance of mobile marketing. According to Coda Research Consultancy, mobile sales are predicted to reach $24 billion by 2015. Due to high revenue predictions, Bressler is urging companies to connect with their customers through their phones. Starbucks may to be the first to jump on this trend in 2011. They just announced a mobile payment app to be rolled out today in 6800 stores allowing customers to pay with swipe of their Smartphone. At this rate, wallets may be a thing of the past in 2012.

Not surprisingly, social media was highlighted in four of Bressler’s eleven predictions. Facebook now boasts over 500 million users, creating a wealth of new marketing and customer service opportunities. Goldman Sachs recently valued Facebook at $50 billion and is subsequently investing $500 million in the company. Despite some worries over a new “tech bubble” surrounding the site, the social networking king clearly isn’t going anywhere and will play an integral role in 2011 marketing strategies. Bressler warns brands who refuse to interact with Facebook of missing out on a gold mine of marketing opportunities. Apt advice, but social media has been a persistent and increasingly lucrative presence in the marketing landscape for several years now. It’s strange that Bressler and other leading CEO’s have been so slow to jump on the social media bandwagon. This prediction seems more appropriate for a list from ’09 or ’10.

According to eMarketer, spending on social networking sites is expected to increase dramatically this year, contributing about 11% of all online advertising initiatives and reaffirming Bressler’s go forth and conquer command for social media marketing. Recent attention to the rise of social media and mobile technology make it necessary for companies to learn to navigate the new world of online, mobile interactions, but their slow recognition of the trend is baffling. Perhaps Bressler’s list will push them in the direction of what the rest of the consumer world is already tuned into. For Bressler’s full list see .Com Marketing’s blog.