There is an interesting round-up and comment discussion published at The Big Picture about models that visualize a hierarchy of intelligence. The images below also link through to their sources and related discussions.

The paradigm has traditionally been 1) Data 2) Information 3) Knowledge and 4) Wisdom.  As data sources amass, and become more widely accessible through digital interconnectivity, does the model hold up?  Are the definitions of each of these “levels” evolving? To visualize this model for various applications, what story should we try to tell?  Do the stories below seem relevant (the story of how organization increases, or the story of how data is produced, consumed, then personalized)?  Does the model only serve as an explanatory framework, or can it be applied to strategies for learning; for communications?  It’s interesting to think about these questions, and to consider the evolution of this model, and various visual approaches to its application, over time.