If you’ve been within ten feet of a computer or any news source within the past week and a half, you must be aware of the Gap logo redesign saga. Well, the story has played out now and ends with Gap running back to its older but more favored logo and kicking its new short term love to the curb.

You can thank consumer criticism for the breakup. In a dramatic letter published on the Huffington Post website last week, Gap’s president, Marka Hansen, addressed the redesign, citing the natural evolution of brand and store as a key motivator for modifying the logo. But consumers revolted and filled Gap’s Facebook fan page with criticism. But after getting an ear full from consumers all weekend, Gap announced its decision to stick with their original logo early Monday morning. Although the design was created (and assumedly tested) by Laird+Partners, one wonders whether this debacle nods to increased company and consumer social media interactions in the future? Will new concepts and future redesigns be tested first in private and then on public networks?