Brand New” is a site that catalogues brand logo changes through the years, compiling opinions and mini-blogs about each one. Different entries are sent in by logo-lovers across the nation and often describe the motivation of the companies for changing their image via their imagery. It is interesting to witness the evolution of these symbols and the connections and themes among them.

Additionally, there is a slew of “symbolophiles” at the ready…and willing to share their love of all things logo on a related online forum called “I heart logos.” On this site people submit logos into a contest judged by their peers. The best designs win a spot in the first edition of the “I heart logos” book arriving by special order December, 2010. Deadline is September 15 and the entry fee is a mere $15, so it seems worth a shot. Since ancient times we used symbols to explain how we feel, what we are doing, and who we are. Whether it is with color, shapes, or words, it seems we will keep reinventing our methods of visual communication for years to come.