Haley Mills, Disney's original postmodern princess

Once upon a time, you couldn’t get a summer job at Disneyland if you had pierced ears and were under 21-years of age, and that included girls. Well, so much for the days of Haley Mills, and Brittany for that matter. Now, Disney has decided to embrace Goth culture. Once upon a time, Goth meant skulking around a Bauhaus concert in some suspect club, late in the night; or during the day, maneuvering around a gaggle of Goth street cretins on Avenue A in New York busking for quarters, saving up for something they were to share later that evening in Thompkins Square Park.

Siouxie Sioux, a DNA nucleotide for today's Disney Goth princess

But no longer. Now, to further promote the everlasting evolution of Goth, Disney’s new consumer-products division is bringing Goth a step further. In conjunction with the release of Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” starring Johnny Depp (of course), with soundtrack by Goth teddy bear, Robert Smith of The Cure, Disney will market a full line of products to “Twilight” devotees, taking them a shade or two further to the ‘dark side’.

This time, Disney plans to extend the demo of their “princess” target to 18-34 year old women; oh my. So soon, even older princesses of the Goth court, who have yet to find a well-fitting ruby slipper, can now easily slip into a sensible Doc Marten boot and get on with things.

Finally, traditional Disney princess pink will compliment black lace and studs!