Often we see research studies that claim consumers want more choice, are more active, incorporate more social awareness and causes into their actions and purchases. The question that often remains unanswered is: does being an empowered consumer make one happy? A recent article from the New York Times says maybe not.

An article from yesterday’s paper says that couples may be experiencing more discord over how environmental to be in their homes. Everything from bathing and grooming habits to eating out are fair game. What’s dangerous for many brands that may attempt to go green is finding the balance of how far to go. The issue has become more than functional and carries strong moral undertones for some consumers. The biggest lessons for brands? They might include:

  • Be true to yourself:  don’t expect that moving away from traditional brand identities will work or convince consumers that previously didn’t like your products to convert
  • Be true to your intent: believe in the changes you’re making. it’s better to make small changes and realize progress across the entire organization than fix one area while ignoring others.

Remember, as consumers become more vigilant at home and amongst their friends, they’ll see through one shot line extensions designed solely to capture market share.