orange bone

How does one create a consumer desire where there’s evidently a social need? Simple: develop a tight brand; positon it as a ‘desirable’ attainable; communicate it as such; and open your doors for business! Oh, and it dosen’t hurt if you’re on Melrose Avenue and selling unwanted puppies.

Enter OrangeBone! They rescue their animals from local shelters (so I guess their inventory is free) and sell them for $300-500 a pop with spay/neutering and vaccinations thrown in so it’s all cash and carry. All puppy inventory is vetted and prepped through organic feeding and purified water intake; socialization with other pups and staff; and environmental soundness through pure air and ultraviolet UVC lighting in their temperature controlled living units. Sounds better than my office and home life…

Hey, it’s a winner no matter how you look at it – they’re being socially conscious and making a buck. In additon, they promise to “stay on the cutting edge of the latest trends, hottest pet fashions and accessories” and sell “chic, hip, and fun apparel” for your new pal as well as top-shelf yummy and nutritious food products (probably more of a balanced daily diet than the average American, for sure).

The brand is well-defined and while it may not carry that well in all markets, it’s a franchise friendly model for major markets. Brilliant!