Last Thursday W5 sponsored the first 4A’s Summer of Planning Event featuring HERDmeister Mark Earls. Mark delivered his lecture titled, “The Social Thing: How Social Influence Really Works & What It Means To You.” As always, Mark’s talk was great and a reminder that as social animals, giving people a chance to do things together is always better than just increasing the volume of your message.

A good recap of the salient points can be found over at Wesley Verhoeve’s website.

If you haven’t seen Mark speak, his talks are a great mixture of social theory (highlighting writers like Durkheim), practical examples of herd behavior, and audience interaction. During the course of the evening Mark had everyone on their feet, holding the arms of strangers, and jumping up and down to illustrate how behavior spreads throughout social groups.

Mark’s website (and a chance to purchase his book, now in paperback) can be found here.

Some additional pictures from the evening are on W5’s flickr page.

As always, it was great seeing some old friends and making new ones both before Mark’s talk and out on the town afterwards. Looking forward to the next Summer of Planning Event, Greg Dzurik’s webinar regarding dreams and inspiration coming up on August 19th.