account planning

This blog post is intended for my ad agency pals.

Last week the account planning community surprised the ad strategy world when the AAAA’s cancelled the annual Account Planning Conference.  Unfortunately, the only opportunity for this (worldwide) community to meet all year as a collective has been lost.

I’ve been in correspondence with hundreds of planners since this has occured and while there are an array of differing responses, overall there is a feeling of loss and an underlying theme that this may be (another) turning point for the discipline; we’ll see…

I could say a lot more,  but won’t.  Since I’m no longer a practicing planner (hair turned gray enough to leave NYC and open a consultancy) I’m going to sit this one out on the side lines, and let the dust settle; a spectator at the coliseum!

Oh, I’m still going to use my plane tix and go to SF. So if you’re still planning on being there then, do let me know. Since W5 won’t be hosting the conference coffee breaks I’ll buy you a cup!