I’m in Dallas this week, visting folk: new, renewed, and ongoing. Staying at the Belmont Hotel, by far the best deal and most hospitable digs in town.

True, Dallas isn’t my favorite town (hey, I’m an Irish boy from Boston and we Jack Kennedy devotees still quiver when we drive through downtown, rounding the corner past ‘that’ building…), but I have been enjoying myself. Beside my fondness for the little lizards zipping around this hipster motor court, the people here really save the town from itself. It’s only Tuesday and I’ve spent quality time with some real nice folks from both agency and client firms. The highlight of my trip, so far, was touring the Boy Scouts of America National Scouting  Museum after meeting with the research team. I saw all the original Normal Rockwell Boy Scout paintings and original Boy Scout memorablia – very Americana. I even bought some Cub Scout stuff, being a proud ex-member.  These guys helped renew my outlook, at least for a few days. Hopefully we’ll work with them soon!