There’s a lot being said in our world each day and it’s easier than ever to tap into streams of communication flow. Yet, when it comes to what I do at W5 and my general professional interests, nothing beats a source I was introduced to almost 20 years ago (eeek!), when I was a  doctoral student.

The “Journal of Consumer Research” is an academic publication started in 1974 that “describes and explains consumer behavior.” It’s cross-disciplined in that it traverses related, though mutually exclusive, fields of scholarly inquiry such as: psychology, marketing, communications, sociolology, economics, and cultural anthropology. It’s orientation is, over time, equally right-brained (qualitative)  and left-brained (quantiative) in perspective. One of the best egalitarian, yet comprehesive, well-developed treatises of consumer behavior there is!

There’s something for all of us marketers/researchers/planners. Forthcoming articles will address such diverse topics as: “materialism, existential insecurity and branding”; “add-on features in cosnumer product evaluations”; and “product choices as a means of restoring self-view confidence.” I mean…

A must regular scan for anyone who trolls this blog.