A quick blog post from my Google Reader page brought up the idea of the New York Times running out of cash due to decreased revenue. It’s interesting that we live in a time with more free information available to us than ever before, yet the most credible sources are in danger.  While a site like Wikipedia can be great, I also find myself wondering how reliable it is when I reference it for more than a quick confirmation to settle a lunch bet. Compare that with something like Times, which was once again dominated the Pulitzer nominations and it’s easy to see that something has to change.

As newspapers shut down and once-serious news organizations become about ratings and profit, it may be years before we understand what this does to our democracy or even informed consumerism.  All of this doom and gloom for the news industry reminded me of a great plan by Steve Brill that I read earlier this year. Maybe it’s time we started to pay for information like we used to in order to ensure that IMDB doesn’t become the most reliable news and information source.