continuous-city-builders-assn2I recently caught the theatrical (more like ‘performance’) of The Builders Association’s “Continuous City”. Huh? Well, they’re a New York based group that  interfaces live theater and media  to comment on contemporary life.

The premise of this production, which I found particularly relevant, is: how the idea of a city has continued to morph and transform, from the physicial worlds or rural peoples’ moving to the megaslums of emerging markets mega-cities (you know ’em) or the city literally sprawling to them; to the West’s post-modern ‘gated communities’ that resemble each other more than the cities in which they reside, a “golden nowhere”.   


The story unfolds in the personal de-edification of a group of people who are unable to develop personal bonds with one another. The is demonstrated in the performance through the intersection of live and mediated theather – for people’s  primary course of interpersonal connections in this new invisible ‘continuous city’ is the complex web of communication tools used across both long and short physical distances.

These connections are said to create an added dimension to the complexity of keeping in touch – an etheral city that intersects with physical spaces, be it across continents or between two room in a house.  In the end, we are left with a deep unfulfilled desire to connect…

Recommended for a night out, just perhaps not a first date.  And do turn off the  PDA off for the remainder of the evening.